Saturday, September 13, 2008

Here's the Why:

It feels like a crazy kind of hubris to think that anyone (other than, like, my mom) would care what I think. As a young person, I am mostly thought of by the rest of the world as a depressing statistic, a harbinger for the scary future of the country, or at least something that can't be understood. So as a girl who is trying to be aware of the world and thinking about what it means, I think there are a few adults who might like to know "what the young people are thinking about". That's what I want to write about: what strikes me uniquely about pop culture, politics, Pop-tarts -- anything. It's not that I want to say something; it's that I've got something to say. There's a quote that says "So many adults is that they forget what it's like to be a kid." So here's a piece of that: what it's like to be this kid.

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Jason said...

if you'd like to make a post on pop-tarts, the new whole grain cinnamon ones are delicious!
and politics... just dont mention anything that would make me angry. although i guess these posts aren't just for me, but i seem to be the only one commenting so far. dont worry anna, ill spread the word.